We help you to find the right concept and strategy for your digital product. Together, we record and define requirements and needs and we pave the way to realise your idea.

  • Requirements management
  • Product definition
  • Concept workshops
  • Technology consulting


Multichannel or Omnichannel are established exploitation models. No matter if notebooks, tablets, smartphones or Smart-TV, our concepts apply for all channels and are being casted in a single mould. The focus is always on the user and the user experience is of paramount importance.

  • Market- and User-Research
  • Sitemaps, User-Flows and User-Journeys
  • User-Stories
  • Scribbles and Mockups
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping, browser-based or native


To accomplish individuality, you need an exceptional design. Our creative-team develops appealing applications including affectionately designed details, from modern to traditional. To take design guidelines into account as much as brand and device-specific principles is a matter of course for us.

  • Mobile design for iOS, Android, Windows
  • Webinterface design
  • Interaction and animation design
  • Icon design
  • Asset production

Native Apps

We develop and program native, especially for the operating systems iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Thanks to this method, we get the most out of your mobile application. We achieve best efficiency, performance and elegance with native developments. Our mobile-team realises individual solutions, which are customised for your application scenario. Our apps are always adjusted to your wishes, needs and  aims. You, being the costumer, are involved deeply into the development process from the very beginning.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile

Hybrid // Web-Frontends

Developing apps cost-effectively with Xamarin or based on web-technique, with HTML5. We develop a smart solution which is compatible with all operating systems. Together with our experiences in handling AngularJS we develop reliable and efficient (web-based) applications, which are customised exactly for your demands and wishes. Clear structures and less typing while programming minimize the developing-time for your application. Therefore, we achieve a more effective data transfer as well. All these benefits result in a high-performing and stable app.

  • Xamarin
  • AngularJS
  • HTML5

Backend // Security

Professional backend- and middleware-development is based on an exact analysis of the optimal technological foundation. Thanks to years of experience, our developers know which programming language will fulfil your demands most efficiently. Thus, we realise most flexible and individualised  solutions with PHP or we trust for instance in Python, when the focus is on high reusability, aesthetics and legibility of the sourcecode, as well as an easy and clear handling as the result.

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java

Testing and quality assurance

DevMob offers a diverse variety of services in the field of quality assurance and software-products. Our QA-procedures include different ways of testing native and hybrid mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, as much as analysis and quality assurance of desktop- and mobile-websites.

  • Quality assurance of the development
  • Explorativee testing from users perspective
  • Test management
  • Documented test cases, test results and reports

Project management

Flexibility and the ability to adjust to new situations is a precondition for modern software-development. Well planned projects want to be coordinated. No matter if with agile methods like Scrum or the lineal Waterfal-model – our project managers direct the scheduled implementation of your project.

  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Transparent control of progress and cost
  • Detailled proposals and estimations
  • Agile methods e.g. Scrum
  • Established tools and processes for project coordination and collaboration, e.g. Atlassian


Next to the development and realisation of your software-project we also offer the service of maintenance, hence a reliable running can be guaranteed. No matter if you want to integrate new features or if an actualisation of your software is necessary after the update of an operating system, we further develop you app or web-application.

  • User tracking and analysis
  • Continuous optimization and improvement
  • Software updates after OS updates

Commited Teams

We see ourselves as a part of your project, we advise in your favour, we are obligatory and proactive and we remain committed to our provided dedication until the agreed goal is achieved. In doing so, we gladly take on all value in-house, directed by us and with delivery-liabilities in time & budget. Upon request we deliver single disciplines or we place the right specialists into your hands, for various time periods and flexible constellations.

  • Completely project realization
  • Specialists for each phases and areas
  • Dedicted teams for integration into your teams